Welcome to Dayujiwa

Dayujiwa Since 2003 began to pursue the art of making batik. Starting from the penchant of collecting one of two batik from Yogya and Cirebon, then I decided to release my previous job and with the money I saved before, I started my journey to explore batik villages in East Java.Then continue to central Java and Cirebon for 8 months. During that time I learned a lot about the characteristics and techniques of batik that I encountered in each different village. And batik art in the villages of Kerek and Lasem has given me a lot of influence in my next creativity. I began to ventured to start a batik business by opening a small shop in Sanur-Bali area in 2004. Since then, I started to receive orders batik cloths exclusive to certain circles. Until continues as a teacher at a batik school. And then take the time to teach batik to women around my house. Since 2008 I moved to Yogya and started to expand my business further by developing batik Lawasan and Shibori.

Since 2007 we diligently attend various craft exhibitions in Jakarta – Surabaya – Yogyakarta – Semarang. And in 2017 invited by KBRI-Japan to attend one exhibition in Nagoya-Japan. In between my spare time, I took time to give private class or even teach shibori for mothers in the village.